We're different at JMF.

We're different at JMF.

We're different at JMF.

Here at JMF, we do fashion differently.

But, what does that mean exactly?

It means a few important things:

  1. We're about slow fashion. Owner Jodi needs to know all about the designer, their manufacturing process, the brand's intentions- and that's just the beginning!


  2. We prioritise female designers. Women are at the forefront of everything we do here at JMF. We believe women are best at understanding what other women need when it comes to how something fits. We all have unique body shapes and sizes, different measurements and proportions, and these need to be accounted for when designing clothes. We understand this, hence why 95% of our designers are women!


  3. We prioritise Australian designers. Almost all of our stock, including our skincare and body care products, is Australian made. Community means everything to us, hence why stocking Australian designers is a core part of our business.


  4. Jodi only selects established, Sydney-based agencies to work with. Currently, she only works with 4 agencies that align with her core values (e.g. sustainability, thoughtfully-made clothing, slow fashion). 


  5. The cut of clothing is crucial, especially for women- there are so many body shapes and sizes out there and not every cut fits everyone the same. That's why Jodi sources clothing with a variety of cuts, so all women feel seen and represented.


  6. High quality fabrics are a must. From cashmere and silk to Belgium linen and fabrics sourced directly from India and France, all of our clothes are made with delicate (but reliable!) fabrics. Jodi factors in the feel of clothing before she chooses to stock it. Looking good and feeling good is what we're all about at JMF!


  7. Jodi stocks her boutique for all different aesthetics and ages- boho, contemporary, glamorous, relaxed, resort wear, classic styles, and so much more! We've got a range of patterns, textures, styles and colours to make every woman feel catered for when they walk into our boutique.


  8. A brand's ethos is just as important as everything mentioned above. Jodi works with designers who have an authentic core message, whether that be sustainability, ethical manufacturing/no sweatshops, women-made, etc. The message is just as important as the design.

These are just some of the many considerations Jodi makes when choosing what to stock for her boutique. We're not just about what looks good, we're about making all women feel seen and represented, we're about ethical and sustainable manufacturing and most importantly, we're about making women feel beautiful in high quality, thoughtfully-made designs. 

This is what makes JMF different. 

Want to find out more? Come in-store and have a chat with Jodi herself! She loves getting to know more of her community and is passionate about all things fashion.

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Written by Melissa Bebbington.

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